Friday, May 26, 2006

mental inventory:

- still haven't a clue... but i'm getting better!
- a handful of coins (nope, no quarters)
- a few memories that i've been meaning to forget
- some ideas that never fermented into anything (but appear to have some kind of mold growing on them)
- faces that probably are remembered completely different than they actually are
- a bunch of phone numbers i never called (but probably should have)
- old flyers to shows and parties i wanted to catch (many with those phone numbers on them)
- a ton of names i never could remember until it was too late
- flashbacks of life's bitter horrors i've somehow managed to survive
- tunes i can't remember how to play anymore
- too many questions in some language i do not know

...all covered with dust bunnies and stuck together with old chewed up gum (yeah... always wondered where gum goes when you swallow it, huh?)

i'm sure there's much more in there. in fact, i know there is... i'm just kinda scared to look in some of the crevasses. and i think i actually saw something move in the shadows over there. oh, and i can't forget the whispers... but i think that's just the voices congregating.