Friday, August 17, 2007


The one time that it could have been the better way to be, and the decision to be worse was taken. How about that? Happy? Proud? Yeah, ummm, no.

Any way things can be repaired? Bettered? Changed? Not sure.

All that can be figured of the whole mess is how to better the self and come away knowing the worse, while easy to think about and deal with in the moment, in the long run just ain't so right.


It's been... a while. I'll start off with this...

If you know you're going to get in trouble for doing something that isn't all that right to do... why do it? Why not say *ok, yeah that isn't a good idea* and just... not... do it?
Cuz people are stoopid!!!
Me... not so much. Not when I think about it.
Of course, I stop thinking when it comes to want.
So, I'm stoopid.
Here I am, though. I'm actually not wanting much (surprisingly so) but seeing that there are so many things that I know I definitely should not get into, and yet if given true opportunity...
Well, yeah, I'd surely jump right off that bridge.

I want a banana plant in my living room.