Thursday, July 06, 2006


i should probably make an attempt to write. not necessarily a journal-type thing. a creative thing. i use to do that. often. not saying i was good at it, but at least i was trying.

i'm in deep. that's a good thing and a bad thing. i'd prefer it to all be good, but the bad makes me apprciate the good. i've had it worse, tho. i can take it. and dish it. get outa my way! nah, you dont' have to.

still a push over. yup, that's me. i don't think i would be happy if i didn't do for others. i've learned the word *no* and use it on occasion. but, i prefer to please when i can. the no's only go to those who aren't deserving and take advantage. but, then again, i don't let those sorts of people in my life . . . for very long, at least.

yeah, i'm just not feeling it. i need to lock myself away and have no social life. that makes me creative. i prefer the life right now, tho.

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