Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 5:

This afternoon SUCKED! The monrning was wonderful, but I woulda given up the wonderful morning swim in the ocean to balance out.
We woke to the sunrise, packed up, then decided we would have a swim n catch the 10:30am ferry from Ocracoke to Cedar Island. Shouldn'ta.
Ocracoke is beautiful, and definitely a place I want to go back to (off the bike). The ferry was also nice and relaxing. Two hours of a/c (a first on this trek).
But... When we got off, it pretty much was full on headwinds of about 15 mph the entire time. On top of that, we were passing thru a salt marsh wildlife refuge for 90% of the time with very short (2 miles?) opportunities of shade thru lil towns that had no where to stop. We travelled about 20 miles before we could have a proper rest in Davis.
We've finally made camp in a lil waterside campground (where we can't swim) in Otway.
I am done.
But not.
Tomorrow is the last leg of our trek (I refuse to say 'journey'), with only 34 miles and two big bridges til we land in Emerald Isle. Waiting for us is a wonderful bed in a wonderful beach house by the ocean, with a/c and a kitchen and a nice shower.

Words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to this, and how decadent it will be.

I have loved nearly the entire trip, and can say it's been the best vacation ever. But I am looking forward to the next aspect of it... in Emerald Isle.

I will be updating, in more detail, each day if the trek. There's been so much that I've experienced.

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