Sunday, May 18, 2008


Swift move
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I couldn't believe the size...
And to hear the noises spewed was just so unmistakenable. I think there's a connector missing to let the frequency advise properly what is and what is heard. Despite, I saw the brightness of the flowing and was convinced the venetian title had something to do with it. Someone could have told me this was going to happen. I would have had more time to prepare for the needle and move out of the way...
But, that didn't happen, and I found myself painted green and wishing it were blue... or red. Depending on the time it took place.
Did I fail to mention that it was in the early morning hours when the flinging began. It didn't end until well into the night, when the decimals started to deminish and everyone could move freely without concern they'd be speckled with musical notes and hermit crabs. If only we had time to prepare. We could have called it all off before the gnats started their dance.

Despite... I still love you.

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