Saturday, May 17, 2008


as the girl lollygagged thru the rain, she found herself amidst, in the middle of within, a swirl of little things that most of the world misses out on. the dog winked at her, cuz he saw it all too. the tree shook a downfall of big drops, tickling the nose and make others run for cover. the workmen were spied cooking hotdogs over their blow torch under their tarped territory. a little girl shared her ginger cookie with the girl and said *red* as she pulled on her hair.

but the best was the umbrella taking flight. not just any flight a normal umbrella would take. this umbrella was without its pole, and when projected up into the air, it flew up three stories and slowly twisted, turned, swirled and danced its way down, spinning itself to its own symphony.

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