Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yeah it's like this today.

I don't feel so good.
It's the day after...
But I'm sure I'm still drunk, right now.
I thought I just saw a bird fly thru the room...
And I tripped over nothing.
Sneezed inward, if you can believe it...
Fell asleep while standing up.
Christened a rock as my pet.
Then chucked it at a moving van.
Thought I remembered a forgotten...
But realized it never happened.
I gave you a whirl.
You gave me a shot.
Found a shiny nickel in my pocket...
Along with some lint, part of a staple
And an old peppermint wrapper.
She's pregnant over there.
Looks like she could pop.
A girl. The plan. Tho not confirmed.
Didn't see the weewee, tho...
So she feels petty safe to say.
We shall see.
You don't know how much I love him.
You really, really don't.
He sang a song to me once.
I have the picture to prove it.
People hate other peoples' love.
They just don't understand.
The moustache is perfect right there.
I hope it doesn't go away.
God I need a cigarette...
But I think it will make me sick.
A drink?
Why, thank you...
Don't mind if I do.
But... wait...
I have to, I mean.
Nah, I think I should pass altogether.
Yeah. I can't drink no more, no more.
I can't drink no more.
I told you... I'm still drunk.
For sure.

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