Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Squiggle lights of tug boat & cranes

The idea was torn up when the realization was made that the critter just wasn't going to be a beast.
Or was it vice versa?
No matter, the crow looked down and saw the jack of spades claiming innocent to the fractured earth and it's chantey way of procreation with the clover flower.
So, instead, we gathered our photographs and set off in pursuit for the Moroccan equator and it's band of jolly gawkers.
Following the days of bitter feet prancing thru the icy trail of thistles and paper dolls, it was observed that there really is little sense in the known, and much sense in the unknown IF and only IF you don't think too hard on it.
But as we are merely pigeoned, we thought too long and hard on it and found we were more confused about the status of the red mark on the star than we were on the decision of burial at the cliff.

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MimiGypsy said...

I like this a lot......esp the last line. Me and the unknown have a very committed relationship and you captured said unknown, from what i know of it, very nicely...oops, it's gone. Well, catch it again next time it comes round for a shot.